Public Parking

Downtown Boone Public Parking Map

Metered parking is enforced Monday - Saturday from 8 am until 5 pm except on Town Observed Holidays.

Please note that vehicles displaying a valid handicapped hang tag can park in ANY space and are not required to feed the meter.  

Metered parking is free all day on Sundays and after 5 pm every day.

Courthouse, Town Hall, and Post Office parking lots are available for public use on Saturdays and Sundays, as well as on Town Holidays.  With the exception of the spaces on Linney Street that are reserved on Saturday's for the Post Office. 

Parking is $1.00 an hour at all metered parking spaces. More information on how to use the meters can be found in the Downtown Boone Parking Meter Guide.

If you have additional questions about parking in Downtown Boone, please call Town of Boone Parking at 828-268-6229. We hope you enjoy your stay, here in Downtown Boone!


Click on the shaded areas of the interactive parking map for more information about each parking space